Régis Gonçalves


Brazilian born fine art artist, professional cook and barista, currently living and working in The Netherlands.

  • M.A., Artistic Research, UvA-Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • B.A., Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
  • Chef de Cuisine, ROC Amsterdam
  • Barista

About combining art & food

Being an artist and a cook might at first seem a strange combination. But on reflection the fusion of roles makes sense. Working either in a studio or in a kitchen requires creativity, sustainability, sensibility, discipline and the skill of dealing with diversity. Colours are like cooking ingredients; so combining a palette of colours on an empty canvas is like blending an array of different ingredients in an empty bowl or pan. Each colour as well as each single ingredient has its own character, function, taste, smell, texture, etc. Since artworks and dishes are brought to life for others to enjoy, I feel that being a cook and an artist is caring for those we love. Therefore, either in the studio or in the kitchen, my aim as I create is to deliver a compelling work of art; catchy, surprising and appealing to our human faculties such as sight, smell, hearing, taste or touch; in such a way that we shall be both satisfied and eager for more.


  • Brasil Embassy - The Hague, NL
  • KNMG - Utrecht, NL
  • LHV - Utrecht, NL
  • AMC - Amsterdam, NL
  • Rechtbank Amsterdam, NL 

  • Flevoziekenhuis Almere, NL

  • Russell Lawyers Amsterdam, NL

  • Consulate General of Brasil – Amsterdam, NL

Private Collection Brasil Embassy - The Hague, NL

Bringing Rembrandt to Ghana

Awards: Inspired by Rembrandt 

The global competition Inspired by Rembrandt was organized by the Wereldomroep-Radio Netherlands Worldwide in the Netherlands in 2006 within the celebrations of the 400th years of the Dutch Painter.

The contest sought to find the best follower of the Dutch Master and had more than 500 works from all over the world.

There were two prizes to be given; one by the Especial Jury and the other one from the Public Opinion.

“Bringing Rembrandt to Ghana”, a contemporary Ghanaian version of the Dutch artist’s famous masterpiece the Night Watch was chosen by a Jury of experts from hundreds of entries by artists around the globe. The ceremony was held at the Stopera (City Hall) in Amsterdam on December 14th. The Jury Chairman Ad’s-Gravesande stated that “there is no imitation or copying” stressing the artist’s original approach.

Bringing Rembrandt to Ghana

Concept: Régis Gonçalves

Photographs: Thomas Hess

Copyright: Lucas Duysens


Living and working in Dubai, 2006-2010

Living and working in Ghana, 2001-2006


Master Fine arts, Artistic Research, UvA-Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2013

Bachelor, Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam 2010

Bachelor, Architecture, Unileste - Cel. Fabriciano, Minas Gerais-Brazil 2001

Bachelor, Chemistry, CTCF- Cel. Fabriciano, Minas Gerais- Brazil 1992


First Prize in the Worldwide art competition "Inspired by Rembrandt" organized by the WereldOmroep, the Netherlands, December 2006

Solo Exhibition:

2019, (dis)Guise, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)

2018,Blueprint Brazil, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)

2017, Blueprint Brazil, Almere Ziekenhuis (NL)

2016, Eye Candy, Amsterdamse Academische Club, Amsterdam (NL)

2016, Blue Boomerang, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)

2015, Blue Longing, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)

2015, Kunsttraject Amsterdam West (NL)

2014, Taj Devi Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

2014, KunstSchouw, Zeeland (NL)

2014, Sandpoort (NL)

2013, SMBA, Amsterdam (NL)

2013, Openbare Bibliotheek/West, Amsterdam (NL)

2013, BotecoLucio, Amsterdam (NL)

2012, Mozaiek, Amsterdam (NL)

2012, Gallery 244, Amsterdam (NL)

2012, Wies Willemsem Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

2012, Rumite, Amsterdam (NL)

2011, Ruimte, Amsterdam (NL)

2011, Wies Willemsem Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

2010, Galeria Colorida, Lisbon (Portugal)

2008, Grosvenor House, Dubai (UAE)

2007, Usicultura, Ipatinga (Brazil)

2007, Grosvenor House, Dubai (UAE)

2006, Ivy's, Accra (Ghana)

Group Exhibition:

2008, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (NL)

2006-2007-2008, Art Centre Dubai (UAE)

2006, The Netherlands Embassy Accra (Ghana)

2005-2006, French Embassy Accra (Ghana)

2004-2005-2006, Art Centre Accra (Ghana)